Thursday, 18 September 2014

Destiny on and off the page

Melissa Wray's debut novel was released in 2012.
Melissa Wray's debut novel
was released in 2012.

Pivotal moments affect the lives of authors and characters, as Melissa Wray discovered.

A father saying ‘yes’ to his daughter proved a pivotal moment in the life of author Melissa Wray, and the protagonist, Jessica, in Melissa’s debut young adult novel Destiny Road. Two years after the book’s launch, the Geelong-based author looks back on her path to writing the novel, which she describes as “a story if choices, consequences, heartbreak and acceptance”.

Melissa has written a moving account on her blog about how pivotal moments, regret and death led to Destiny Road, saying “It came about because one night I was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep. There was an unspoken conversation going on in my mind.”

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Celia and Nonna's heart-warming connection

Celia and Nonna Celia and Nonna

Writer: Victoria Lane

Illus: Kayleen West

Ford Street Publishing

Like many books, Celia and Nonna began with a line of truth, says author Victoria Lane, with the narrative exploring the relationship between a granddaughter and grandmother, and how they reconnect following change.

Describe your book: Celia and Nonna is a significant and heart-warming picture book about the special bond between children and grandparents – and what happens when life changes.